Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Saved by the bell (actually, I think the ringtone was Bach).

Just the other night the Limey was working late, when a ne'r do well burst into his studio brandishing a large knife........

"Do you have Wi Fi" he demanded in a guttural monotone.

Limey shook his head, and in the silence you could feel the villain's cell phone vibrate before it trilled out some switched-on Bach.

Barely able to control his rage at what he saw on the phone's screen, the intruder texted a buy order for a bio fuel start-up, snatched up the Limey's cell phone charger and fled into the night.


Blogger bubble said...

Looks like you could do wiv an old Limey chippie to upgrade yer door locks eh!

11:08 AM  

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