Thursday, November 16, 2006

WARNING: Tainted Chutney.

Great Barrington, Massachusetts was the scene of large scale public disgust late last month, with the appearance on it's peaceful night time streets of Chutney the Clown.

Chutney, a humourless, leering, gravel-voiced degenerate was spotted in several downtown locations. (This file photo shows Chutney in the company of the ever-present Lil' Chutney relaxing at a party with friends).

Several passersby were treated to Chutney's brand of swaggering insolence as he and Lil' Chutney cruised the town with their companions (a Cat, a Jester & a Demented Doctor).

A Mrs Jerblomee and her husband Haywood were having a quiet dinner together in one of Great Barrington's many fine eating establishments, when, in her words; " I looked up from my Anjou Pear Gorgonzola Walnut salad to see this, this thing leering at me through the window.
It was dressed like a clown but there was nothing funny about it, and it was clutching a doll. It gave me such a chilling look, and then it's eyes rolled back in it's head and it licked the window.... it licked the window!"


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